Here, There, and Everywhere: Planning A Wedding On Two Continents


Taking a break from the stress of waiting for my visa to come through, I have found myself diverting much of my attention to wedding planning. I’m a planner at heart, so I’ve felt very up for the challenge (and a 7 day road trip with Pete certainly accelerated the process).

Things seemed to be starting off easy. While in Chicago visiting my mom, I found my dress. Check. Writing the first draft of our guest list. Check. Picking a general timeline for when we want to get married. Check. It was all coming together so easily.

Too easily.

For most people this question of venue comes down to taste. Are you more country chic or city sophisticated? Indoor or outdoor? For us this conundrum comes down to one simple question – New Zealand or the U.S.?

With my family in the U.S. and Pete’s family in New Zealand, we have to decide where in the world to get married, literally. Which hemisphere is most conducive to bringing together our loved ones to watch us say, “I do.” We want to be respectful of both families and are no strangers to the high cost of flying between the two countries. For a minute we even considered a destination wedding to some beautiful Hawaiian Island, but then we realized that would just be inconvenient for EVERYONE.

My heart says New Zealand.

New Zealand is where I will be starting a new life with Pete. It is going to be home and what I can’t think of a better way to start putting down roots than by getting married there.

A quick search of venues led us to the most beautiful country lodge in classic kiwi high country on the South Island. Our guests will be surrounded by the beautiful kiwi bush and maybe even a sheep or two stopping traffic.

I know this means that many of my stateside friends and family will not be able to make that journey, including my grandparents but I think we’ve found a compromise!

Next July we are planning to have a ceremony in Chicago for everyone who won’t make it to New Zealand. Since I’m Jewish, we are hoping to do something that involves signing the Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) so that it will actually count as a wedding as it’s legally binding according to Jewish law.

I know there will be many highs and lows, questions to answer, and problems to solve as we plan our wedding. I also know that the next year will likely be on of the craziest of my life as we move our entire lives to a city we’ve both spent less then a week in and seek to make it home.

But mostly I am excited for this adventure. I am excited to start building a foundation with the man I love. I am excited to one day call him hubby. And I’m excited to share it all with you!




Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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