On Tour, Pt 1 – Mom, Meet New Zealand, New Zealand, Meet My Mom

This past week my mom, Nina, and her husband, David, made their first trip to New Zealand. Traveling from Chicago, they came to see the new digs and most importantly, to meet Pete’s family for the first time.

Since they’ll be back for a longer trip in January for our wedding, this visit was all about showcasing New Zealand’s scenic variety. It was so much fun showing my mom that New Zealand is more than just a rugged hillside expanse littered with sheep (although we do have a few of those).

Our “Welcome to New Zealand” itinerary featured two nights in Wellington, an overnight in Marlborough, New Zealand’s wine country, and a stop in Mount Lyford, an alpine resort about 40 minutes from Hamner Springs.

To say that we packed a lot into one week is an understatement. While Wellington is starting to feel like a home away from home, our stop in Blenheim was great for discovering new wines and watching farm dogs corral cows down a rural road in Lyford was a scene I’ll never forget.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing some of our favorite excursions. Stay tuned and check out some photos from our trip here!

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