Shreddin’ For the Weddin’ – Five Ways I’m Upping My Fitness In Preparation for the Big Day

Since moving to New Zealand, I’ve been pretty slack on the fitness front, but with the wedding just around the corner, I’m feeling motivated to get back into the swing of things.

In the States, I fell in love with Aussie Rules Football, first joining a team in SF and later playing with the Portland Sockeyes. Sunday practices kept my cardio up and I was always motivated by my teammates to push myself harder. I’d also go bouldering with Pete every week and squeeze in yoga classes when I could at a local studio.

One of my major deterrents has been money. Everything seems to cost more here, from yoga class passes to climbing gym memberships. So with five months to go before the big day, I’ve been looking for ways to get more active, drop a few kgs, and tone up on a budget.

Here’s are five things I’ve been doing to kickstart my fitness and get shreddin’ for the weddin’…

1. YouTube Workouts

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with Youtube workouts. Working out at home means I can set my alarm for 6:00am, roll out of bed in my PJs (I’ve strategically started sleeping in yoga pants), and be working up a sweat by 6:10am. This gives me enough time to cool down, shower, and cook breakfast before I’m out the door by 7:55am to catch my bus.

Thirty minutes is the ideal workout length for me and I’ve found a ton of great workouts on the Popsugar Fitness and Alo Yoga channels. There are plenty of options out there if you prefer shorter or longer workouts. Many don’t even require equipment which is great for the wallet!

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.59.57 PM

2. Yoga

Great for flexibility and strength, yoga also has amazing benefits for the mind. The emphasis on releasing tension from the body and clearing your head of all the thoughts constantly buzzing through it has kept me coming back to yoga for years.

I’ve found some great youtube classes but I try to go to a class at least once a week. Having an instructor correct my form ensures that I’m getting the most out of my practice and it’s also really motivating to be surrounded by other yoga enthusiasts.

I’ve found two studios in Christchurch that I’m loving. Apollo Yoga is where I go when I’m looking to work up a sweat. The studio offers classes in a warm studio (not hot enough to be classified as Bikram) and is challenging in all the right ways. Grassroots Yoga is a gentler practice but their instructors are amazing for teaching good form. I tend to go to Grassroots on the weekends and pop by Tanner St Bakery afterward for a freshly baked loaf of bread. It’s all about balance, right?

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3. Taking the Stairs

My office is on the fourth floor of our building so an easy way to get the blood pumping in the morning is to skip the elevator and take the stairs. This one requires a bit more mental effort; at 8:00am the elevator is just so tempting, but I always feel better when I bite the bullet and take the stairs.

4. Hiking on the Weekends

This is one I haven’t been doing as much as I’d like, but with Spring here and the weather finally getting nicer, I’m committed to getting out for more weekend strolls. I always look for dog-friendly hikes so Cash can come along. I’ve been keeping a list of hikes I’d like to try and will definitely be heading out to Godley Head on the next sunny day.


5. My Fitness Pal

Based on years of personal experience, losing weight and toning up are almost impossible without spending some time focusing on nutrition. It can be shocking at first to see how much you’re eating when you first start to track it but it’s helpful to hold yourself accountable. I’ve started keeping a daily food log with the free app My Fitness Pal. It’s helped me cut out the late night binging and the macro breakdown has me eating more salads and a lot less processed foods.

What are your tips for getting back into the fitness swing? Let me know in the comments below!

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