A Wedding Update; Less Than 100 Days to Go!

We are officially less than 100 days away from walking down the aisle and time seems to have sped up like crazy. Wedding invites are starting to go out, Pete’s picked his suit for the big day, and I’ve got hair and makeup trials coming up.

Our Celebrant

We always knew finding a celebrant in was going to be a bit tricky since we’re having an interfaith ceremony. Not many people in New Zealand have attended Jewish weddings, let alone officiated them.

In my haste and excitement several months ago, we booked a celebrant who probably wasn’t quite the right fit for us as a couple. This person plays such an important part in the day and after some back and forth, we decided it was worth at least exploring our options in Christchurch.

Last week we went for a coffee with a potential new celebrant and really hit it off. Not only is he a former Air New Zealand 777 Captain (he and Pete will never run out of stuff to chat about) but he also donates a large chunk of his fee to the charity of the couple’s choice, and most importantly, he seems committed to working through the ceremony details for as long as it takes to get it right. I’m so glad we trusted our gut and found someone who we really connected with to be our wedding celebrant.

The focus will be on creating a ceremony that feels right for us, a ceremony that reflects our unique backgrounds and emphasizes the values and traditions we want to bring into our marriage together.

chairs cloth clouds curtain


We’re not sure how many people will end up coming from overseas but we’re starting to work on a travel guide so that whoever does make the journey can get the most of their time in New Zealand. Some people seem keen on visiting Lord of the Rings sites, others are more excited to get out on some pretty walks. Luckily, New Zealand’s got something for everyone!

scenic view of the mountainsI Have Two Left Feet

We had signed up for dance lessons, but sadly our instructor had to pull out at the last minute. A staff member she’d hired quit unexpectedly, leaving her 7 months pregnant with no backup to take over her lessons. This close to the wedding, it may be a little hard to find a teacher, but fingers crossed. I’d really like Pete to avoid the steel-toed shoes if possible…

selective focus photography of pair of white open toe chunky heeled shoes and bouquet flowers


We’re excited to start planning our honeymoon but there’s just been one small thing holding us up…Pete got into flight school!!! He’ll be quitting his job just after Christmas, we’ll get married in January, fly to Bali for our honeymoon and three days after we’re back, he’ll start school, training full time to be a commercial pilot.

We’re waiting to book flights until he’s got the official go-ahead to start classes a week after everyone else since the course starts when we’re in Bali.

landscape photography of waterfalls surrounded by green leafed plants

Everything is starting to feel a bit more real and I can’t believe that in four months time well be married and in Bali on our honeymoon!

Thanks for checking out AwP! Got any wedding planning advice? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂



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