A Night at SiloStay in Little River, New Zealand

Silo Hotel Suites in Little River, New Zealand
Silo Hotel Suites in Little River, New Zealand

One of the main reasons Pete and I moved to the Christchurch was for its optimal location. From here, it’s easy to embrace the weekend warrior lifestyle and adventure to fun new locations on the South Island in between working our nine to five jobs.

With planning for a wedding and saving for when Pete becomes a full-time student, we haven’t done as much traveling as we’d like, but I still often check TreatMe (a site similar to Groupon) just in case I find a great deal on a local activity or getaway.

A few months ago, I was scrolling through the latest promotions and saw a deal for an overnight at SiloStay, which like it sounds, is an accommodation built in a repurposed silo. I’d passed these unique accommodations in Little River before on my way to Akaroa and was intrigued to find out what a stay would actually be like.

Would it be too hot or too cold? What would the shower situation be like? Would it actually be comfortable to spend a night in a silo? All of these questions ran through my head.

Since it’s only a forty minute drive from Christchurch to Little River, it was a low-risk adventure, so I booked us in for a night. When we pulled up, one of the first things that caught my eye was the Tesla charging station in the parking lot. From that point on,  I could tell that we weren’t going to be roughing it.


We picked up the keys from the lockbox and went to check out our digs. I was impressed with how they utilized the space and by the thoughtful design.


It was definitely the right amount of space for a couple but I wouldn’t recommend this as a family spot. There isn’t much privacy and the bedroom and glass shower are separated by about 10 centimeters, leaving very little to the imagination.

We ate dinner at a nearby restaurant and then headed back for a night of relaxing and watching bad TV.

For provisions, we stopped by the little shop next door for wine and nibbles. They had a nice selection but the prices definitely reflected a tourist tax. I’d recommend BYO if you’re planning to spend the night.


The next morning we grabbed coffees and read on the porch. We had an amazing view of the fields across the way and Pete fully embraced his love of bean bag chairs, making himself right at home.

I would say that while it was fine at night, during the day it was hard to ignore the sound of the traffic whizzing past.


Feeling properly relaxed, we thought we’d pop over to Akaroa for a wander since Pete had never been out that way before.

Unfortunately, it was a cruise ship day.

When cruise ships dock in the harbor, Akaraoa is overrun with tourists wearing matching lanyards who don’t know how to walk on one side of the footpath. Needless to say, this was less than ideal and the only thing worse is a double cruise ship day.

But one thing we’ve noticed in our years of traveling is that tourists never seem to stray too far from the main bit of town. After a quick walk to the lighthouse, we saw a trail leading away from the road and decided to venture into the native bush to explore (and hopefully escape the masses).

We found ourselves in the old Akaroa cemetery, where the early European settlers were buried. As a history buff, I found reading the gravestones fascinating and enjoyed imagining what life in Akaroa must have been like in the late 1800s.


The weekend was perfect. We got away from town and the hullabaloo of daily life and got to focus on spending some quality time together. I think it’s really important to do a small trip like this every now and again, otherwise home can start to feel a bit claustrophobic.

It reminded me that we need to be getting out more, and with summer on the way, it’s time to dust off the tent.

All up, I’d give SiloStay 4/5 stars. Great design (it felt a lot like staying in a tiny house) and comfy bed, but it lost points for a cold shower (never could get the hot water going) and the noises from the road. It’s a novelty hotel and good for a one-off visit but I think next time we’ll be opting for the nearby campgrounds.

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