A Wedding Update: What’s Keeping Me Busy One Month Before the Big Day


It may be raining nonstop here in Christchurch (seriously over this dreary weather), but that hasn’t stopped me from juggling work, holiday prep, wedding planning, and some other exciting news I can’t wait to share with you soon!

With just over a month to go, we’ve had to get serious about crossing off items on the wedding to-do list. I’ve been busy checking in with vendors and following up with late rsvp-ers (which we can mostly blame on NZ Post).

In between work and prepping for flight school, Pete’s been busy too. This week he renewed his expired passport in time for the honeymoon (Bali!!!!) and since he’s opted to wear his dad’s ring, he’s found time to pop over to the jeweler to get the wedding band resized.

If like me, you’ve opted to save a bucket of money and skip the wedding planner, you can probably relate to my constant fear that I’m forgetting some important detail.

To stay sane one month before the big day, I’ve been utilizing our Trello wedding tracking page and slowly ticking things off the list.

Checking in with the Venue – There are so many moving parts to a wedding and the venue is at the epicenter of it all. We opted for a slightly pricier venue knowing that it came with a wedding coordinator who’s in charge of all the little details on the day. They will coordinate with vendors for set-up and make sure everything runs smoothly. W

e met with the amazing Eloise at Trent’s Vineyard this weekend and she walked us through everything from the hour by hour schedule of the day to what kind of wines we should get for our guests  since we’re opting for BYO.

Talking to the Florist – It seems like a million years ago that we booked in our major vendors. I was starting to get a bit antsy since we hadn’t talked to anyone in almost a year so a few weeks ago I reached out to the amazing Ginny at Charmed Flowers. We were able to meet up and talk all things floral. She’s a true professional and totally got the vibe we’re going for from just a few Pinterest photos I’d pinned over the last year.

I’m pretty relaxed on which flowers we use but I did request seasonal flowers, and local if possible. We’re opting to re-purpose a lot of the flowers; the arrangement for the head table will also make an appearance at the ceremony as will the table flowers which will be used to line the aisle.

Chatting with the Band – Since so many of Pete’s friends are musicians, the pressure is on to make sure the music is good and keeps the party flowing. We recently caught up with the band to let them know details like when to set up and what kind of music we like.

Fun fact: they really appreciated the heads up that a good chunk of the crowd is American. Apparently, this will help them know which songs they play to keep everyone  dancing the night away.

Trialing the Makeup and Spray Tan – Some surprises are great, others, like going for a spray tan and coming out looking like Ross from that Friends episode”The one with Ross’s Tan” are not. I decided to test out the spray tan at Body Glow to make sure my skin didn’t have any funny reactions to the spray (all clear there) and to double check that the color would come out looking natural and glowy. I’m not someone who gets spray tans often but it will be nice to have a bit of color in summer. I also have an irrational have a giant hatred of tan lines so this will solve that problem. I was really happy with Body Glow and have booked them in for two days before the wedding.

I also trialed my makeup with the amazing Kasia Stanichich on the morning of my hens do. I  was blown away with how well it lasted through a night that didn’t end until 2:00am. She is a magician with a makeup brush and I’m obsessed with the natural look she created for me.

Scheduling Skincare Appointments – I’m someone who wears SPF 50 every day and generally puts a bit of effort into keeping my skin happy and healthy. With the wedding coming up, I’ve dialed the volume up a bit and have been visiting Koru Clinic for some extra help in that department. I had my first ever chemical peel last month and will be doing one more this week to get that dewy glow for the wedding.

This is definitely something you want to do at least a month out because for the week after you will look like the creature from the blue lagoon. The results are worth it but you have been warned. If you’re looking for something less intense, you can always try microdermabrasion or just stick with a standard facial.

The Final Dress Fitting – As much as I’d love to say I could lose 10 more lbs before the wedding, realistically, this is the size I’m going to be walking down the aisle. Heading into the final fitting a month out gives the seamstress enough time to make any neccesary adjustments in case something’s not quite right. It also gives you the peace of mind that the dress you last tried on a year ago still looks damn good. I made sure to take my wedding shoes to the fitting to ensure that the dress length was right. As an added bonus, the more you break the shoes in, the better life will be on the day.

Let me know if you’ve got any other tips for how to prep for a wedding with one month to go!

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