About Me

Adventures With Pete started as a way to keep a record of the trials and tribulations of immigrating to New Zealand from the United States. I wanted to document the journey and maybe share some helpful tips along the way.

Road tripping through the South Island in our 4-cylinder Daihatsu

Everyone has their own reasons for moving halfway across the world – I met mine in 2013. I had just moved back to the states after teaching English overseas and Pete was a Kiwi transplant working in San Francisco as a programmer.

After three years in the San Francisco Bay, we were ready for our next adventure. We packed the car everything we owned and drove up the I-5 towards Portland, OR.

Yosemite, CA

Throughout our relationship, Pete and I have shared a love of camping, traveling, and exploring. So when Pete asked if I would consider moving to New Zealand I lept at the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, hike new trails, and I’ll be honest, the sausage rolls are delicious.

Wine tasting in Sonoma, CA

What started as a hashtag on Instagram (#adventureswithpete) has grown into a love story bigger than I could have imagined.

After moving 7,314 miles (11770.74 km) from home, I’m so excited to share my adventures with you!


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