Life Updates: Gainfully Employed & A Wedding Date is Set

Now that the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed I’m so excited to share that I found a job!!!! Starting on January 22nd, I will be a Customer and Services Administrator in the fundraising department at St John. St. John is a nonprofit that has been providing the ambulances services for most of New Zealand since 1885.

I interviewed back in November and received an offer after only being in Christchurch for two weeks! It’s such a weight off my shoulders. I’m excited that instead of stressing about job searching, I can head into the holidays with a chance to actually relax and focus on family time.

With my start date still a long way away, I’ve shifted my focus to wedding planning.  Serious progress has been made and last week we ticked off three of our biggest items: venue, band, and photographer!

First, we had to pick a venue in order to settle on a wedding date. A bit of research in the States led me to one place I thought would be perfect, but after visiting the site we realized it just wasn’t the right place to say “I do”. Our next stop didn’t have that wow factor I wanted. I was starting to get a bit nervous we wouldn’t be able to find a place special enough while staying within our budget.

Pro Tip: Most wedding venues in New Zealand cater to weddings for 60-80 people. It’s slimmer pickings if you want to accommodate 100+ guests so start your search early. Places do book up quickly, especially for Summer weddings. 

On our way venue three, I was joking with Pete and said we should have a signal for if we both liked the venue. We (well, I) decided the signal should be a side hug with a squeeze.  Third time’s a charm, making Pete the recipient of a very big side-squeeze.

A Very Tiny Sneak Peak (aka the only photo I got because I was so excited).

It’s perfect.

The ceremony will be in a beautiful garden next to fields of grazing horses, then we’ll dance the night away in a red brick hall built in the late 1800’s. To me, that’s about as romantic as it gets.

With a date set, I got to work looking for our band. Google led us down a dark, dark rabbit hole of local acts with very questionable singing abilities. I won’t deny that this was very disheartening. Luckily, a friend suggested two bands who were great, but one really stood out. Fate smiled upon us and they had our date available! Booked as. (The other band is HILARIOUS. If you need a laugh check out their act here.) 

Venue – check. Band – check. Time to find a photographer.

We were really impressed with the options available in Christchurch. Looking through portfolios, we kept an eye out for beautifully captured candid moments and an eye for bringing emotion and life into the pictures. Our top choice had the date open and just like that, another thing fell into place.

All in all a very good week. And to top it off, the Christmas tree is up!

Our Tree

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