We Plan And The Universe Laughs

It feels like a million years since I wrote my first post. Since then I have

  • Decided to use a Pet Relocater to get our pup from Portland, OR to Christchurch, NZ
  • Got the pup her international microchip
  • Packed up a shipping crate with all of my worldly possessions
  • Had additional documents requested by my assigned New Zealand Immigration officer (TIP: Send original or certified copies of documents as part of your proof of partnership, and a few pieces of hard mail addressed to both partners can’t hurt either)
  • Unpacked said crate when the moving truck never arrived
  • Repacked the crate and saw it on its way to South Carolina (Yes, I realize that makes ZERO sense geographically)
  • Road tripped from Oregon to Chicago, IL via Zion and the Grand Canyon National Parks
  • Gotten ENGAGED!!!!
  • Started planning a wedding.

So as you can see, life has not been boring.

Zion Cave.JPG

Probably the thing I’m most nervous about is the timing of the visa. I am definitely regretting not having gotten the whole process started sooner. Apparently a certain event that took place in November of 2016, cough cough, has created quite a backlog of visa applications down in Kiwiland. Around July I called to check on the status of my application and was then told that new processing time has  increased from 4 months to 4-9 months.

Tip: Don’t be like me and book your flight before you have your visa in hand. Just save yourself the stress and wait until its official.

I now have an unhealthy obsession with the refresh box on my gmail account. If my visa has not arrived before mid-October, I will most likely have to cancel my existing flight and hunker down at my Dad’s house in California until I have been granted permanent residency.

One good but surprising thing that NZ Immigration does is mail you back your Passport and Birth Certificate as your application is processing. It feels so good to have those back, it felt so weird sending such important documents halfway across the world.

Fingers crossed everything works out because my stuff is already on its way and Pete and I are starting to look at houses in chch.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for neighborhoods and/or wedding vendors!


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